DS65600 Dust collector with piping system and VENTEX Valve at Griffith Foods Limited.

Griffith Foods Limited receives 2 ATEX Zone 22 RUWAC Dust collector system DS65600 for dust extraction during dosing process. Customer have dosing process for warehouse area for Seasoning powder and Spice mixture which generate airborne dust previously without an extraction system for the dosing process, the operator will experience dust cloud during the dosing process. This result in a dangerous and polluted environment in the dosing room. The contamination is critical as the powder is sticky and cause a high explosion risk environment. Total 10 station working at the same …

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31st Manufacturing World Japan 2020

World’s leading manufacturing launched more than 30 years ago, Manufacturing World Japan has grown together with the Japanese & Asian manufacturing industry. Gathering all kinds of cutting edge mechanical components/manufacturing services/IT solutions for any types of manufacturing industry from around the world. Manufacturing World Japan consists of manufacturing experts such as mechanical element technology exhibition, design and manufacturing solution exhibition, etc. Many manufacturers in design and development department, manufacturing and production engineering departments of various industries visit and are engaged in business negotiations with exhibitors every year. In 2019, 4 …

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Central vacuum cleaning and dedusting from powder fillers at Johnson & Johnson Thailand

Johnson & Johnson Thailand receives DS 2520 HL M – 4.5 m² Central vacuum cleaning and dedusting from powder filling machine. They need the solution for Spillage control and cleaning of processing machines with the task to vacuum cleaning and dust extraction during small component charging. RUWAC SOLUTION: DS 2520 HL M – 4.5 m² – vacuum units with control system Convenient central vacuum with suction points and cleaning hoses installed on platforms where needed. Dedusting from powder filling machine with full automatic filter cleaning. ADVANTAGES: Very little daily attention to the …

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RUWAC DS 1400 vacex industrial vacuums for vacuum cleaning and dust extraction task inside gas ex ATEX zone

RUWAC Asia hands over a DS 1400 industrial vacuum to Mr Somdech of Johnson & Johnson Thailand for warehouse and production area spill control. The RUWAC DS 1400 vacex industrial vaccums for ATEX Zone 1+2 vacuum cleaning and dust extraction during small component charging. They need the solution for Warehouse and production area spill control with the task to vacuum cleaning and dust extraction of fine dust contamination during small component charging. RUWAC SOLUTION: RUWAC DS 1400 Zone 1+2  vacex industrial vaccums Application package with complete accessories. ADVANTAGES: Dust control, heavy-duty GRP …

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Handed over WS 1220 with 1.2 m2 pocket filter class M for Atex Zone 22 to Sentosa Development Singapore

Sentosa Development Singapore receives heavy-duty WS 2220 on 29/08/2019. Mr.Selamat and Mr.Solihin received the machines with instruction training for the WS 1220 with 1.2 m2 pocket filter class M for Atex Zone 22 and suction media wood shavings and dust. The machine can also be used as a deduster for wood saws and cutting machines. The accessory Pack for this project is No. 4 – DN 50mm : Light Duty Surface and Floor Cleaning with 5.0m Hose (Dry Suction Media) Anti static (Ohm) Hose Plastic Black – White 50mm * …

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Meet us in Asia at ProPak China 2019

ProPak China 2019, The 25th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), from 19 to 21 June, 2019 At Booth 5C36 Hall 5.1 H As one of the most comprehensive processing and packaging events, ProPak China is a gateway for sourcing a wide range of processing and packaging solutions from over 700 leading local and international suppliers. For participants looking to source packaging machinery, food processing, liquid processing, weighing and metering equipment, packaging materials and containers, or industrial robots, warehouse logistics and quality …

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RUWAC Asia at ProPak Asia 2019

ProPak Asia 2019 The International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia from 12 – 15 June 2019 Hall 103 Booth No. BP51 Venue BITEC Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand. ProPak Asia is Asia’s Number One international trade event for Processing & Packaging Technology. ProPak Asia truly is the “Must-Attend” industry event in Asia for Asia, as quality and variety of products increase and expand, and productivity of operations and manufacturing standards are driven higher by consumer demands and new automation and technological advances, which will be presented at the show. Going …

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Handed over a RUWAC DS64000 Extractor, HGZ DN630 Cyclone to Mars Food Jiaxing Co.,Ltd. China

Previous used Italian Mix extractor was placed directly on top of the charging station to extract the airborne milk dust during charging process and then blown down the dust from its cartridge filters back to the charging station. This kind of simple extractor cannot meet the extraction, filtration and recycling requirement. It resulted with almost no air volume and poor extraction performance, frequently clogged filters (needs to be replaced every 2-3 days) , and possible contamination of recycled milk powder which has direct contact with the clogged filter. It also …

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