Griffith Food

Griffith Food

Customer Name: Griffith Foods Limited

Griffith Food

Customer Source: General Market Research


Customers Issue: During the process of mixing seasoning powders, fly dust spread in working area. The customer spends a lot of cost for maintenance and cleaning machine and effect to worker health.


Solution Offer:

  1. Offered DS65600 for extractor 4.0kW, 48m2 polyester-needle felt aluminum coated cartridge filter with automatic differential pressure sensors for compressed air filter cleaning connect with piping into 3 mixing rooms.
  2. Offered WS2320M 3.6kW, 2.6m2 Pocket Filter Class M for general cleaning of flour, starch & ingredient powders in packing room.


Picture: DS65600 installed outside of working area

Picture: Piping system connected DS65600 into mixing room.

Picture: Suction point at mixing room


Picture: WS2320M in packing room


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