RUWAC Asia participating in IWK Thailand opening of their new factory, 16 May 2019

  RUWAC Asia participating in IWK Thailand opening of their new factory as one of their trusted long time suppliers. RUWAC makes the dedusting vacuums as shown here connected to IWK fillers. We are proud to be part of IWKs success throughout Asia. It has already been 20 years since IWK Thailand Limited initially started its industrial activity in Asia. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and celebrate our 20th anniversary as well as the opening of our brand new factory (May 16th, 2019). More information …

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Donation to Pattaya Orphanage, 31 January 2019

  Once again RUWAC Asia has increased both sales revenues and quantities and as in previous years the RUWAC Asia family kept growing with new employees joining the team in all departments and subsidiaries. Distribution of RUWAC Asia products and services has been started in additional countries such as Korea and Indonesia. We have successfully launched our new custom-made CRM marketing and sales support system with new functions in order handling and after sales management being added next year. Whether consulting the customers at their premises, during maintenance and repair …

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Handed over a RUWAC S 24 heavy duty vacuum truck to “CIMA’s” cement mill in Bahau – Malaysia.

Mr Jens Huhn and Mr Musab Mohd Saat of Ruwac SDN Malaysia handed over a RUWAC S 24 heavy duty vacuum truck to Mr Rozlan Daud and his operation team at “CIMA’s” cement mill in Bahau – Malaysia. The RUWAC S 24 vacuum system is mounted on a Nissan 2 axle heavy duty truck with full roadgoing permit. The vacuum system is equipped with a SIBILIA pump and its own DEUTZ Diesel engine , capable to vacuum any dry spillage material occurring in a cement plant at a capacity of …

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RUWAC S 24 Vacuum Truck : Successful operation experience and very fast return of investment

During a recent site visit to CIMA a leading cement producer in Malaysia we received the following testimony from Mr Rozlan Daud – Operations Manager : “RUWAC has given us expert advice and helped us with know how, training and after sales service to make the implementation of spillage control with our RUWAC S 24 vacuum truck a full success”. Our bucket elevator blockages can now be cleared in less than 2 hours instead of over 12 hours by manual means before. Instead of 6 workers we now only need …

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RUWAC Asia sales and service training seminar 2018

RUWAC Asia sales teams from Thailand, Korea,China,Malaysia and Indonesia came together at Ruwac regional training center and production plant in Chonburi,Thailand. (11-15 Dec 2018) Topic: Market research – Industries Lead A, Prospect, Conversion, Contact, Company, Customer Inquiry types, Project, Quotation types, Typical inquiry clarification cases Detailed product program structure Base Model, Customizing,Options,Accessories,Piping,Wear Parts,Consumables,Spare Parts,Service Quotation, Solutions – Applications – Success Stories Piping – Losses – Isometrics – Central Systems – Basic Know How Working Point and Testing – Performance Curve – Test machines and Testing tools ATEX – Explosion prevention …

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RUWAC S24D Vacuum Truck at Holcim Philippines Inc

A team of subcontractors was utilized to collect massive amounts of cement powder from the ground by sweeping and shoveling. This results in a very costly, inefficient and time consuming solution in both short and long run. RUWAC have introduce the solution S24D Vacuum Unit + Round Tank Vacuum Truck to reduce labor intensive work in removing massive amounts of cement powder in various production lines and to be able to vacuum massive amounts of cement powder in various production lines and narrow areas. Ruwac S24D Vacuum Truck, 100kW (136HP) Deutz Diesel …

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Handover of the S24D vacuum to Holcim Philippines Inc

Holcim Philippines Inc. received a S24D Vacuum Truck on 11/10/2018. The S24D vacuum unit is equipped with a 100kW Deutz Diesel engine connected to a round 10m3 carbon steel container which is mounted onto a 6 wheeler truck. The purpose of this vacuum truck is to vacuum massive amounts of cement powders in various production areas in a short amount of time and reduce overall manpower for cleaning. Mr. Gerardo “Gerry” Dela Cruz Jr. (4th from the left), Project Supervisor says that our Ruwac S24D vacuum truck has decreased their …

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Handover of the DS1400 mobile vacuum at Markenburg International Foods Corporation Philippines

Markenburg International Foods Corporation Philippines received a DS1400 Vacuum System ATEX Zone 22 on 28/09/2018. The DS1400 mobile vacuum unit is combined with  a 110L Pre-Separator System with bag suction. The purpose of this vacuum unit is to generally clean corn starch powder in the marshmallow production line and replacing the wet cleaning process. Mr. Alfred de Guzman (Middle), Plant Manager says that our Ruwac vacuum system has decreased their cleaning time of the production area, increased cleaning efficiency & helped his operators from being exposed to corn starch powders.


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