DA1300 Mobile Industrial Vacuum + Pre-Separator/Filter Thai Polyamide Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

Reason To increase cleaning efficiency at PE Pellet Big-Bag discharge station and nylon film printing line. Task To efficiently clean 2 areas with different application: PE Pellet Big-Bag discharge station and nylon film printing line with 1 vacuum unit Problem During discharging the PE Pellets from Big-Bags into the conveying system, large amounts fall to the sides which needs to be manually collected. They used to have a local vacuum unit, which the operator stopped operating as it gave them electrocutions Nylon Powder is used in the printing line to …

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Ruwac DLS1221 removes fine dust and aluminum chips inside our automotive part product Bosch Automotive Steering Nanjing, China 2017

Industries Automotive Parts Aerospace Industry Electronics Engineering Machinery Metal Working Original Equipment Manufacturer Steel Application Machine cleaning Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Aluminium dust Carbon fine dust Copper Dust Metal chips with coolant Metal chips with oil Polymer powders Reason Very small and partially oily metal particles remain inside the production part after previous production steps. Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks no Task Reaching inside the production part with 20 mm cleaning nozzle. Problem The smaller the cleaning nozzle diameter the more mbar performance is …

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RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Thai Asahi, Thailand 2016

Industries Food Engineering Animal Feed Power Plant Original Equipment Manufacturer Application Boiler cleaning Application Category Dedusting at source Suction Media Biomass boiler soot dust Reason Increase efficiency of boiler cleaning work. Protect workers from harmful dust. Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks no Task To reduce boiler cleaning time and manpower Problem Manual cleaning of biomass boilers requires min 2 workers and 1 day work. Workes are exposed to harmful dust. Solution RUWAC WS 2320 powerful vacuum with automatic boiler cleaning tool PUTZMAUS. Technics The PUTZMAUS boiler cleaning tool moves without …

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Mobile central vacuum cleaning for 2 big bag packers Mitsui Phenol, Singapore 2016

Industries Paint Chemical Food Original Equipment Manufacturer Packaging Pharmaceutical Plastic Rubber Vehicles Application Floor cleaning Machine cleaning Mobile central vacuum cleaning of packing machines Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Carbon fine dust Casava pellets Cement fine dust Coffee beans Corn crumbs Corn seed Flour Food additives Hygroscopic seasoning powder Mortar mixture Mortar fine powder Polyethelene powder Polymer powders PVC powder Spice mixture Starch powder Stevia powder Sugar dust Reason Replacing manual and labour intensive cleaning procedure. Product Group Central System Sparks no Task Two big …

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Efficient extraction system for fine dust Khonkaen Brewery (Singha Beer), Thailand 2016

Industries Food Paint Original Equipment Manufacturer Engineering Chemical Pharmaceutical Machinery Plastic Application Continous powder dosing into tank mixer or hopper Extraction of dust from mixer Application Category Extraction of airborne dust Suction Media Food additives Food ingredients mixtures with sugar Carbon fine dust Sugar dust Starch powder Spice mixture Polymer powders Reason Replacement of existing inefficient dust collector Product Group Central System Dust Extractor DS 6 Sparks no Task During charging of preservation additives into product storage tanks, excess airborne dust must be extracted continuously and safely. Problem Contamination of …

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