Dust extraction and vacuum cleaning in powder charging area AZO, Thailand 2016

Industries Chemical Food Paint Original Equipment Manufacturer Pharmaceutical Plastic Rubber Application Mobile dust extraction for manual powder dosing areas Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Extraction of airborne dust Suction Media Carbon fine dust Cement fine dust Copper Dust Flour Food additives Food ingredients mixtures with sugar Hygroscopic seasoning powder Mortar fine powder Polyethelene powder Polymer powders PVC powder Spice mixture Starch powder Stevia powder Sugar dust Synthetic Amorphous Silica Xerogel additive Reason Versatile solution for extraction and vacuum cleaning of fine dust Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks …

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DS65600 Extractor System PGI Foods International Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

Industries Food Animal Feed Pharmaceutical Packaging Chemical Application Extraction of dust from mixer Application Category Extraction of airborne dust Suction Media Spice mixture Starch powder Sugar dust Hygroscopic seasoning powder Flour Food additives Reason To reduce dust cloud from mixing & filling process. Product Group Dust Extractor DS 6 Sparks no Task To extract icing powders from High Speed Mixer & Bag Filling Process. Problem Without an extractor system for the mixing & filling process, the operator will operate within a dust cloud & the operation equipment becomes effected due …

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DS1750 Sludge Vacuum System 7.5kW Turbine Drive IRPC (Public) Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

Industries Power Plant Plastic Foundry Machinery Engineering Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Steel shot blast round Reason To remove waste polyethylene sludge mixed with chemical liquids, oils & water Sparks no Task General Cleaning of waste polyethylene sludge with chemical liquids, oils & water Problem IRPC operators used to clean this area by manually scooping up the heavy sludge on a monthly basis, which is a time consuming & physically demanding task. Solution A DS1750 Sludge Vacuum with full automatic features has been implemented to …

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DS1750 Silo Vacuum System Siam Kubota Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. Thailand 2017

Industries Foundry Steel Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Steel shot blast round Reason To collect steel shots from sandblasting area. Sparks no Task To vacuum steel shots from sandblasting production area. Problem Steel shots by its nature have a very high specific weight making the material very heavy. By manually shoveling these steel shots, operator’s physical health is & operation downtime is effected. Solution A DS1750 Silo Vacuum System with bottom valve discharge has been implemented to collect steel shots from the sandblasting area. Technics …

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DS 1220 spark trap vacuum for aluminium car body sanding Autoland, Singapore 2016

Industries Aerospace Industry Automotive Parts Vehicles Application Car body sanding and polishing Aluminium car body sanding with sparktrap Application Category Dedusting at source Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Aluminium dust Aluminium dust with paint dust Reason Preventing sparks being introduced to an Aluminium dust mixture. Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks no   Task Suction directly from hand sander. Vacuum cleaning of workshop. Problem Solution RUWAC DS 1220 TUV certified spark trap vacuum. Technics Sparktrap to prevent ignition sources introduced to vacuumed dust. Advantages The RUWAC DS 1220 …

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