DS 1220 spark trap vacuum for aluminium car body sanding Autoland, Singapore 2016

The RUWAC DS 1220 sparktrap vacuum is the standard vacuum for aluminium body repair work shops certified by major Car producers such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The RUWAC spark trap vacuums can be used for a variety of vacuum and Dedusting tasks, where sparks are present in the suction air. For every ATEX vacuum the introduction of ignition sources with the suction air must be 100 % ruled out by the user. In situations, where this is not possible the spark trap vacuum can be one of the safe …

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DA1300 Mobile Industrial Vacuum + Pre-Separator/Filter

Thai Polyamide Co.,Ltd., Thailand used to have a local vacuum unit, which the operator stopped operating as it gave them electrocutions. During discharging the PE Pellets from Big-Bags into the conveying system, large amounts fall to the sides which needs to be manually collected. Nylon Powder is used in the printing line to keep the films from sticking to each other. After a certain amount of time, nylon powder is accumulated on the flexible dies which needs to be cleaned. Currently, they need to wait until the printing line cools …

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Concrete Dust Suction system for prefabricated houses production plant

In the production of seasoning powders any different ingredients are used, all having different properties. A detailed analysis is necessary in order to provide different customizing options to solve the different dust specification challenges. Dust extraction with flexible extraction arms directly at mixer charging stations where fly dust contaminates the area. Installing a certified dust extraction system with high efficient filtration and dust collection capability. The RUWAC Dust Extractor DS 6 serves as a dust collector that can be customized for standalone operation, as a mobile extractor or as a central dust extraction system/ dust …

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RUWAC DA 1220 mobile deduster.

Long time RUWAC China customer Vision Stone Automation received another RUWAC DA 1220 mobile deduster for continuous suction of copper and iron dust from an assembly line.

Momentive Performance Materials Co.Ltd. received a DS1400 De-Centralized Vacuum System Gas-Ex Zone 1+2 on February 2015.

Momentive Performance Materials Co.Ltd. received a DS1400 De-Centralized Vacuum System Gas-Ex Zone 1+2 on February 2015. The DS1400 Gas-Ex Zone 1+2 is combined with  a 200L Pre-Filter System connected to a short Stainless Steel Piping System (25m) that leads to in total 4 suction points whereas 1 suction point can be operated at a time.  The purpose of this De-Centralized Vacuum System is to vacuum very light & fine Silica Dust leaking from their production line.  Mr. Attapon (Left), Production Supervisor & Mr. Pattarapol (Right) Engineering Manager says that our …

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NA35-D1-Typ-III DA1300 Zone 22 Wet-Separator.

NA35-D1-Typ-III DA1300 Zone 22 Wet-Separator with Custom Suction Connection to Grinding Table. Khun Chatthaphat Siripunyanan of NHK Spring Company received the NA35-D1-Typ-III DA1300 Zone 22 Wet-Separator for Dedusting of Steel Sparks during the Grinding Process. Ruwac was selected due to detailed consultancy for the right vacuum solution and the correct performance provided specifically designed for this application.

The DA 1300 mobile vacuum with control system and piping connection for Mitsui Phenol Company in Singapore.

Mr Anthony Teo of Mitsui Phenol Company in Singapore took possession of a DA 1300 mobile vacuum with control system and piping connection to 2 vacuum cleaning suction points at the plants packing lines. RUWAC was selected after consideration of performance, machine quality and after sales service provided by RUWAC Asia team in Singapore.

Central dust extraction for seasoning powders Griffith, Thailand 2016

Industries Food Chemical Paint Engineering Original Equipment Manufacturer Packaging Pharmaceutical Plastic Rubber Application Central extraction Dedusting from packing machine Extraction of dust from mixer Extraction of airborne dust with extraction arm for up to 410 cbm/h Application Category Extraction of airborne dust Suction Media Aerosil R 208 adhesive powder Carbon fine dust Cement dust Cement fine dust Copper Dust Flour Food additives Food ingredients mixtures with sugar Hygroscopic seasoning powder Mortar fine powder Polyethelene powder Polymer powders PVC powder Spice mixture Starch powder Stevia powder Sugar dust Synthetic Amorphous Silica …

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