RUWAC DS 1400 ATEX Zone 22 industrial vacuums for cleaning of powder coatings.

Mr Terry Cheng, production supervisor of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. took possession of 2 RUWAC DS 1400 ATEX Zone 22 industrial vacuums for cleaning of powder coatings. RUWAC was chosen due to its well-known high quality and the excellent consultancy and after sales service provided by the RUWAC China team.

PGI Foods International Co.,Ltd. received a DS64000 Zone 22 Extractor System on June 2017.

The DS64000 Extractor System with a 24m2 Cartridge Filter Class M is connected to 4 Suction Points whereas 2 suction points are operated at the same time. The purpose of this Extractor System is to extract airborne icing sugar powder from their mixer, filling station & sifting station. Khun May (Right), Production Supervisor said that our Ruwac extractor system has decreased the dust cloud within the small production area, which resulted in a healthier more productive working environment.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives (TH) Co.,Ltd. received a DS2 Wet-Separator Vacuum System.

The DS2 Wet-Separator Vacuum System is connected to 4 Suction Points whereas 1 suction point is operated at the same time. The purpose of this Vacuum System is to de-dust grinding sparks from their QC Testing Room. Khun Darunee (Right), EHS Specialist said that our Ruwac vacuum system is essential to their operation due to compliance with ATEX regulations as well as extreme worker protection.

The first RUWAC DAV deduster for continuous suction of trimmings to IWK Thailand.

Mr Jens Huhn handed over the first RUWAC DAV deduster for continuous suction of trimmings to IWK Thailand. IWK is the world leading manufacturer of turn key tube filling and packing lines. The decision for RUWAC was made after extensive testing at IWK’s production plant in Thailand.

The DA1300 Dust-Ex Zone 22 is combined with a 110L Pre-separator/Filter System

Whereas 2 operation modes can be switched manually by a ball valve: Cleaning of PE pellets from Big-Bag unloading station with Pre-Separator Cleaning of sticky nylon powders from Film Printing line with Pre-Filter The purpose of the DA1300 Vacuum Unit is to generally clean both areas mentioned above with 1 vacuum unit Thai Polyamide Team says that our Ruwac vacuum unit has eliminated electrocutions from cleaning due to our vacuum units’ full conductivity system & increased cleaning efficiency

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Using highly explosive metal powders creates new challenges in dust safety. One of the most rapidly growing and evolving markets happening in the industrial world right now. It’s cost-effective in terms of materials and productivity, and in many cases, it provides a greener solution that leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment. It used to be that just those working with metals and plastics were taking advantage of this new technology, but each day, more and more industries from food production to biomedical breakthroughs— are finding the innovative way to integrate 3D printing into their …

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Which Vacuum Should I Use for Drywall Sanding?

When it comes to indoor construction, drywall sanding is among the messiest jobs. It can create a great deal of fine dust covering your work space, and on top of the obvious nuisance of cleaning it up, there’s also the health hazard these kinds of dusty environments can create for anyone working around the area. Traditional Shop-Vacs have long been the go-to, but are they really the best vacuum for the job? The short answer is no. Due to the nature of the paint on drywalls and the fine dust …

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Supplier day at Ciba Vision Singapore

Supplier day at Ciba Vision Singapore

On 27.10.2017 Mr. Jens Huhn, Group Managing Director of Ruwac Asia Group, and Mr. Musab Mohd Saat,  Service and Sales Support Executive of Ruwac PTE Singapore, attended the regional supplier day at Ciba Vision in Singapore. Ciba Vision is a global customer of Ruwac for over 30 years.


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