Centralize Vacuum in car chassis production line Honda, Malaysia 2017

Application Category

Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces


Before the car chassis can proceed to the painting station any dust particles must be removed.

TaskReplacing existing small standard vacuums
ProblemEach operator had to work with a small standard vacuum with low capacity and small filters. The vacuum requires daily maintenance, filter changes and frequent replacement.
SolutionRUWAC insdustrial vacuum DS 1750 with high vacuum and airvolume. The vacuum system has automatic start/stop control and piping system for several suction points
TechnicsFully customized RUWAC vacuum solution.
Advantages1. Convenient central vacuum system with start/stop sensor at each operator station

2. Centrally collected metal dust

3. Large long lasting pocket filter

4. No contact of workers with filters and collected dust 5. Service contract by RUWAC Malaysia saving customers manpower

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