Dedusting of Concrete dust and Cement Fine Dust during Surface Preparation works

Dedusting of Concrete dust and Cement Fine Dust during Surface Preparation works

Hammersmith, Thailand 2021

To dedust Concrete dust and Cement fine dust during Floor grinding with Concrete Grinder and Concrete Scarifier.

To vacuum clean Concrete and Cement fine dust after Cutting and drilling with Hand Grinders, Hand Saw, Wire Saw and Wall Saw


  1. DA 1300 for use with Hose connection to Concrete Grinder and Concrete Scarifier.
  2. For transport and filter inspection the drives can be detached by quick clamps.
  3. The quick clamps also help for an easier change of filters on vacuum cleaner
  4. Single Phase WS 1220 for cleaning and connection to Hand Grinders and Hand Sanders.


  1. DA 1300 1.2m2 L – 3 kW 3 Phase 50Hz IP65 – Zone 22 – Raw Gas DN70
  2. DN 50 Suction Nozzle for abrasive dust
  3. DN 50 Floor tool for Floor Cleaning
  4. WS 1220 1.2m2 L – 2.4 kW Single Phase AC – General – Raw Gas DN50
  5. DN 35 Plastic Hose and Hand Pipe for connection to Hand Grinders and Hand Sanders


  1. 80 % reduction in overall dust amount within the working area by dedusting from Concrete grinding machine connected to DA 1300 machine.
  2. Cleaning of work area is hugely reduced. It now takes 1-2 hours and only 2 Workers for the works compared to 1-3 days and 4-8 workers previously.
  3. Project and manpower cost savings of over 90% with the use of Ruwac Vacuum machines.
  4. The end customer is satisfied that works can be carried out with minimum dust and disruptions.
  5. Outdoor & Indoor
  6. Corrosion Resistance
  7. Rough and tough construction of vacuum

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Construction Original Equipment Manufacturer Machinery Application Dedusting from Floor Grinder Suction from concrete sander Application Category Dedusting at source Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Cement dust Cement fine dust Reason To remove concrete dust during Floor grinding, Cutting and Drilling process.


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