DS1750 Silo Vacuum System Siam Kubota Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. Thailand 2017



Application Category

Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces


To collect steel shots from sandblasting area.



Task To vacuum steel shots from sandblasting production area.
Problem Steel shots by its nature have a very high specific weight making the material very heavy. By manually shoveling these steel shots, operator’s physical health is & operation downtime is effected.
Solution A DS1750 Silo Vacuum System with bottom valve discharge has been implemented to collect steel shots from the sandblasting area.
Technics DS1750 Silo Vacuum System 7.5kW Turbine Drive, 4.5m2 Pocket Filter Class M, 160L Silo Container, manual heavy-duty bottom discharge valve.
Advantages 1.Reduce operation down time of collecting steel shots
2.Increase collection capacity to time ratio
3.Eliminate physical health effects due to manual collection
4.Easy & convenient discharge through bottom discharge valve into customer containers

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