DS1750 Sludge Vacuum System 7.5kW Turbine Drive IRPC (Public) Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

Application Category

Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces


To remove waste polyethylene sludge mixed with chemical liquids, oils & water



Task General Cleaning of waste polyethylene sludge with chemical liquids, oils & water
Problem IRPC operators used to clean this area by manually scooping up the heavy sludge on a monthly basis, which is a time consuming & physically demanding task.
Solution A DS1750 Sludge Vacuum with full automatic features has been implemented to clean sludge from 4x waste water pits on a weekly basis.
Technics DS1750 7.5kW Turbine Drive, 2x 5m2 Oil Mist Filter, Stainless Steel Demister Mat integrated with automatic pressure washer, automatic water pump for continuous discharge controlled through water level sensor, soliphant level sensor signaling full material capacity, independent pressure washer with water tank to clean collecting container, mobile design with heavy duty 250mm wheels and forklift pockets, accessories DN70mm with custom suction hood and a cleaning radius of 10.0m for operators to clean each waste water pit
Advantages 1.Reduce physical demand during cleaning task
2.Reduce manpower from 5 operators to 2 operators
3.Reduce cleaning time

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