RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Thai Asahi, Thailand 2016

Industries Food Engineering Animal Feed Power Plant Original Equipment Manufacturer Application Boiler cleaning Application Category Dedusting at source Suction Media Biomass boiler soot dust Reason Increase efficiency of boiler cleaning work. Protect workers from harmful dust. Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks no Task To reduce boiler cleaning time and manpower Problem Manual cleaning of biomass boilers requires min 2 workers and 1 day work. Workes are exposed to harmful dust. Solution RUWAC WS 2320 powerful vacuum with automatic boiler cleaning tool PUTZMAUS. Technics The PUTZMAUS boiler cleaning tool moves without …

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Concrete Dust Suction system for prefabricated houses production plant

Industries – Construction – Metal Working – Original Equipment Manufacturer Application Suction from hand sander Application Category Dedusting at source Suction Media – Cement dust – Cement fine dust Reason Protect workers from dangerous dust concentration at work place / Dust control to comply with local regulations / Reduce dust contamination of product Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks Yes Task To reduce the airborne cement dust amount within the production area To protect operators from inhalation of cement dust Problem 1.Hand grinding tools in use without dust suction. 2.Easy to …

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Complete Dust Control for metal work shop RUWAC Asia, Thailand 2014


Ruwac DAV deduster for plastic trimmings from high speed IWK tube filling machine IWK (Thailand) Ltd, Thailand 2017

Customer Name: IWK (Thailand) Limited Customer Source: General Market Research Customers Issue: Plastic trimming pieces are evacuated much too slow from the collection chamber resulting in trimmings building lumps and clogging up the hose. This would stop the tube filler machine frequently for manual cleaning up of hose and collection chamber. Up to 10 % production time could be lost due the vacuum. Before the Ruwac solution, another de-dusting solution was implemented in which the performance & connection diameters were not carefully calculated resulting in clogged tube trimmings within the …

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Extraction and De-Dusting of coffee creamer at Korn Thai Co., Ltd.

Customer Name: Korn Thai Co., Ltd.   Application: Extraction and De-Dusting of coffee creamer.   Solution Extraction protection of operator Customers issue: During the filling process of coffee creamer powder into 5-20kg bags, every single bag has to filled manually by hand. The coffee mate dust is present during the filling process, the impact of the powder when the bag is almost full the coffee mate powder gets airborne, causes that the operator has to breath the airborne creamer dust in and protects himself only with a simple dust mask. …

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