RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Thai Asahi, Thailand 2016

Industries Food Engineering Animal Feed Power Plant Original Equipment Manufacturer Application Boiler cleaning Application Category Dedusting at source Suction Media Biomass boiler soot dust Reason Increase efficiency of boiler cleaning work. Protect workers from harmful dust. Product Group Mobile Vacuums Sparks no Task To reduce boiler cleaning time and manpower Problem Manual cleaning of biomass boilers requires min 2 workers and 1 day work. Workes are exposed to harmful dust. Solution RUWAC WS 2320 powerful vacuum with automatic boiler cleaning tool PUTZMAUS. Technics The PUTZMAUS boiler cleaning tool moves without …

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Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Aplication Machine cleaning Floor cleaning Vacuum cleaning of powder processing machines Central dedusting with silo vacuums Central extraction Extraction of airborne dust with extraction arm for up to 410 cbm/h Success Stories RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Central dust extraction for seasoning powders Efficient extraction system for fine dust Suction Media Biomass boiler soot dust Flour Casava pellets Corn crumbs Rice husk Application Packages VacEx Reference


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