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Ruwac S 24 D vacuum truck for cement and power plants CIMA, Malaysia 2017

The RUWAC S 24 vacuum system is mounted on a Nissan 2 axle heavy duty truck with full road going permit. The vacuum system is equipped with a SIBILIA pump and its own DEUTZ Diesel engine , capable to vacuum any dry spillage material occurring in a cement plant at a capacity of up to 20 tons / h. The unit is equipped with all safety equipment as well as connectivity to a central system vacuum pipeline. RUWAC Malaysia in cooperation with DEUTZ Malaysia will take care for continuous operator training …

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Ruwac DLS1221 removes fine dust and aluminum chips inside our automotive part product Bosch Automotive Steering Nanjing, China 2017

The RUWAC compressed air drive vacuum produces up to 300 mbar vacuum and can tolerate unlimited start/stops per hour as was required by the customer. RUWAC produced a special cleaning nozzle to fit exactly for this application. The smaller the cleaning nozzle diameter the more mbar performance is required. Existing small vacuums could hat much too low mbar and airvolume to be able to vacuum small dust away. Our compressed-air model offers impressive performance for all periods of use. It is extremely maneuverable and complies with all safety requirements for vacuuming all …

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DS1750 Silo Vacuum System Siam Kubota Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. Thailand 2017

Our customer Siam Kubota Metal Technology Co.,Ltd., Thailand have many steel shots by its nature have a very high specific weight making the material very heavy. By manually shoveling these steel shots, operator’s physical health is & operation downtime is effected. To reduce operation down time of collecting steel shots but Increase collection capacity to time ratio and also convenient discharge through bottom discharge valve into customer containers. The DS1750 Silo Vacuum System 7.5kW Turbine Drive, 4.5m2 Pocket Filter Class M, 160L Silo Container, manual heavy-duty bottom discharge valve is …

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Complete Dust Control for metal work shop RUWAC Asia, Thailand 2014

RUWAC Asia Thailand also have the contamination of the machines by metal dust and chips, which are difficult to remove manually. Practice of the air gun cleaning is very dangerous and inefficient. To keep the workshop and metal working machines clean without using air gun and dedusting metal sparks dust during grinding process. We are using the RUWAC Central vacuum system with NA 250 wet separator for dust and sparks. SPS 35 for mobile cleaning of metal chips and coolant. Central vacuum system with 3 end cap connection points for …

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Success Stories RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Complete Dust Control for metal work shop Concrete Dust Suction system for prefabricated houses production plant Suction Media Application Packages RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler Reference         


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