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Ruwac S 24 D vacuum truck for cement and power plants CIMA, Malaysia 2017

Industries Cement Engineering Steel Power Plant Application Vacuum cleaning of heavy suction media Vacuum cleaning of ash with 1 cbm truck mounted waste container Application Category Vacuum cleaning of floors and surfaces Suction Media Cement dust Cement fine dust Mortar mixture Klinker stones Ash Carbon fine dust Reason More than 50 workers manually try to clean spillages continuously but cannot cope with the huge spillage quantities, The new S 24 vacuum truck from Ruwac can be used as mobile vacuum and connected to the central vacuum pipeline. Product Group Vacuum …

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The first RUWAC DAV deduster for continuous suction of trimmings to IWK Thailand.

Mr Jens Huhn handed over the first RUWAC DAV deduster for continuous suction of trimmings to IWK Thailand. IWK is the world leading manufacturer of turn key tube filling and packing lines. The decision for RUWAC was made after extensive testing at IWK’s production plant in Thailand.


Ruwac DAV deduster for plastic trimmings from high speed IWK tube filling machine IWK (Thailand) Ltd, Thailand 2017

Customer Name: IWK (Thailand) Limited Customer Source: General Market Research Customers Issue: Plastic trimming pieces are evacuated much too slow from the collection chamber resulting in trimmings building lumps and clogging up the hose. This would stop the tube filler machine frequently for manual cleaning up of hose and collection chamber. Up to 10 % production time could be lost due the vacuum. Before the Ruwac solution, another de-dusting solution was implemented in which the performance & connection diameters were not carefully calculated resulting in clogged tube trimmings within the …

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Eagle Ottawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

DS6 2.2 kW with total 5 suction points at Eagle Ottawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Customer Source: Manufacturing Expo 2017 Customers Issue: During the process of white leather, after the coating process the white leather has to goes through an oven to dry. But during the baking process when the leather gets dry it has got small loose leather pieces which is not falling off and sticks on to the leather. The small leather pieces will give leather at the finishing process spots on it, which is not acceptable for customers buyer. Solution Offer: Offered DS6 2.2 kW, 20m2 Pocket Filter connect to pre-filter system …

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