RUWAC S 24 Vacuum Truck : Successful operation experience and very fast return of investment

During a recent site visit to CIMA a leading cement producer in Malaysia we received the following testimony from Mr Rozlan Daud – Operations Manager : “RUWAC has given us expert advice and helped us with know how, training and after sales service to make the implementation of spillage control with our RUWAC S 24 vacuum truck a full success”. Our bucket elevator blockages can now be cleared in less than 2 hours instead of over 12 hours by manual means before. Instead of 6 workers we now only need …

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RUWAC S24D Vacuum Truck at Holcim Philippines Inc

A team of subcontractors was utilized to collect massive amounts of cement powder from the ground by sweeping and shoveling. This results in a very costly, inefficient and time consuming solution in both short and long run. RUWAC have introduce the solution S24D Vacuum Unit + Round Tank Vacuum Truck to reduce labor intensive work in removing massive amounts of cement powder in various production lines and to be able to vacuum massive amounts of cement powder in various production lines and narrow areas. Ruwac S24D Vacuum Truck, 100kW (136HP) Deutz Diesel …

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DS65600M Extractor System for Markenburg International Foods Corporation

The previous dust collector solution does not have enough airflow to collect the dust cloud at Markenburg International Foods Corporation. They need the solution to reduce corn starch dust cloud during manual charging process into coating hopper and extract airborne corn starch powder during manual charging process into coating hopper. RUWAC SOLUTION: DS65600M Extractor System + DN800 High Speed Cyclone, Ruwac Extractor System DS65600, 4.0kW 3-Phase Side Channel Blower, 55L dust bin capacity, ATEX Zone 22 II3D, 24m2 Cartridge Filter Class M, compressed air filter cleaning system through differential pressure sensor + DN800 …

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DS1400M Mobile Industrial Vacuum for Markenburg International Foods Corporation

Currently the wet cleaning procedure is very time consuming and is ineffective in its outcome, Markenburg International Foods Corporation need to speed up and improve cleaning process in marshmallow production line and generally clean corn starch from marshmallow production line floor and equipment. RUWAC Solution: RUWAC DS1400M mobile industrial vacuum unit + 110L Pre-separator with bag suction, mobile industrial vacuum cleaner DS1400M, 4.0kW 3-Phase Turbine Drive, 35L dust bin capacity with bag suction, ATEX Zone 22 II3D, 2.6m2 Pocket Filter Class M + 110L Pre-separator with bag suction, stainless steel ADVANTAGES: Faster and …

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DS1400M De-centralized Solutions Siam Industrial Minerals Co. Ltd., Thailand 2018

The customer now has a problem with cleaning process around mixing tower due to height and large quantity; the worker has to sweep dust from 3rd and 2nd floor to the ground in order to collect the spillages. Due to the quantity of Bentonite powders, a very cost-efficient solution was installed to serve two platforms. One DS1400M mobile vacuum with control system combined with a 110L Pre-separator, connected to a short piping system and endcap connection points for the to cover 2nd and 3rd floor of the production tower. Customer …

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DS1220H The Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi)

To eliminate dust contamination during cement sample testing in laboratory and dedust cement powder during laser diffraction test for particle size analysis by Sympatech machine. Because the laboratory areas are confined spaces where high filtration class of the vacuum unit is mandatory to avoid miscalculations during particle size analysis. Ruwac mobile industrial vacuum cleaner DS1220H, 35L dust bin capacity, ATEX Zone 22 II3D, 2.6m2 Pocket Filter Class M + 3.20m2 Residual Dust Filter Class H. ADVANTAGES: Reduce dust contamination within laboratory through efficient filtration Eliminate miscalculation during particle size analysis Long …

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NA7-11H Wet-Separator Trumpf Ltd. / Mahidol University

Our OEM customer Trumpf Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D laser sintering machines, received a NA7-11H wet-separator on 27th February 2018. The purpose of this vacuum unit is to generally clean highly explosive aluminum and titanium powders from 3D laser sintering machines, which have a minimum ignition energy of lower than 1mJ. Trumpf Ltd. says that the NA7-11H is a necessary asset when cleaning their line of 3D laser sintering machines in order to comply with special regulations regarding the handling of titanium powder and other reactive powders. In this particular order regarding …

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Ruwac S 24 D vacuum truck for cement and power plants CIMA, Malaysia 2017

The RUWAC S 24 vacuum system is mounted on a Nissan 2 axle heavy duty truck with full road going permit. The vacuum system is equipped with a SIBILIA pump and its own DEUTZ Diesel engine , capable to vacuum any dry spillage material occurring in a cement plant at a capacity of up to 20 tons / h. The unit is equipped with all safety equipment as well as connectivity to a central system vacuum pipeline. RUWAC Malaysia in cooperation with DEUTZ Malaysia will take care for continuous operator training …

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