Handed over a RUWAC DS64000 Extractor, HGZ DN630 Cyclone to Mars Food Jiaxing Co.,Ltd. China

Previous used Italian Mix extractor was placed directly on top of the charging station to extract the airborne milk dust during charging process and then blown down the dust from its cartridge filters back to the charging station. This kind of simple extractor cannot meet the extraction, filtration and recycling requirement. It resulted with almost no air volume and poor extraction performance, frequently clogged filters (needs to be replaced every 2-3 days) , and possible contamination of recycled milk powder which has direct contact with the clogged filter. It also caused long down time to fix the extractor and high dust concentration rate in the workroom.

RUWAC DS64000 Extractor, HGZ DN630 Cyclone and automatic discharging valve system with complete control and alarm functions to realize the dust extraction during charging process and automatic recycling of collected dust from Cyclone. According to the test validation in Thailand during the project negotiation stage and also the project final validation test at Mars production line during commissioning, the separation rate of Cyclone is about 99%.


  • DS64000 M Zone 22 Extractor System, 2.2kW 3-Phase Side Channel Blower, 24m2 Cartridge Filter Class M with automatic compressed air filter cleaning mechanism, Control System for monitoring & signaling sound & light alarm: main filter differential pressure, filter cleaning, and remote start/stop function.
  • Food grade HGZ DN630 Cyclone and discharging system with high separation rate and automatic discharging valves.


  1. Automatic & continuous extraction and recycling of charging dust.
  2. Improving the recycling rate and hygiene.
  3. Reducing production down time.
  4. Substantially Improving air quality and protect the operators.
  5. Food grade extraction and recycling system.

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