DS65600 Dust collector with piping system and VENTEX Valve at Griffith Foods Limited.

Griffith Foods Limited receives 2 ATEX Zone 22 RUWAC Dust collector system DS65600 for dust extraction during dosing process.

Customer have dosing process for warehouse area for Seasoning powder and Spice mixture which generate airborne dust previously without an extraction system for the dosing process, the operator will experience dust cloud during the dosing process.

This result in a dangerous and polluted environment in the dosing room. The contamination is critical as the powder is sticky and cause a high explosion risk environment.

Total 10 station working at the same time which separate to 2 room

  • Allergen room have 4 weighing station
  • Non- Allergen room have 6 weighing station


2 x DS65600 Dust collector cartridge filter with automatic filter cleaning and control system connect with piping system connected to each room. As the suction media is of sticky nature, we added pre-coating system to prolong the lifespan of the filter.

DS65600 2.2kW Side Channel Blower Drive, 48m2 Cartridge Filter Class M with automatic compressed air filter cleaning mechanism through differential pressure sensor, 20L Automatic Pre-Coating System, Stainless Steel Piping System leading to 6 and 4 Suction Hoods.


  1. High performance and efficiency, after consulting with customer, Ruwac design a solution based on customer’s requirement and application.
  2. Worker protection from dust cloud
  3. Reduce down time of production equipment
  4. Efficient Pre-coating Feeding System to mix with sticky suction media to prevent premature clogging of main filter

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