Extraction and De-Dusting of coffee creamer at Korn Thai Co., Ltd.

Customer Name: Korn Thai Co., Ltd.


Application: Extraction and De-Dusting of coffee creamer.


  1. Solution Extraction protection of operator

Customers issue:

During the filling process of coffee creamer powder into 5-20kg bags, every single bag has to filled manually by hand. The coffee mate dust is present during the filling process, the impact of the powder when the bag is almost full the coffee mate powder gets airborne, causes that the operator has to breath the airborne creamer dust in and protects himself only with a simple dust mask.

Ruwac has the right solution which really works:

Ruwac’s DS 2720 Class M has a 2.4m2 Pocket filter connected onto a pre-filter system which will protect the main filter from the sticky material (Coffee creamer). The DS 2720 Class M can handle different application because of the motor drive which is a 7.5 kW three-phase motor and the max. air flow rate of it will be at 820cbm/h and max. vacuum 210mbar which means that the DS 2720 Class M can handle extraction work but it’s also suitable for de-dusting and general cleaning applications.

So, in our case for the extraction application of airborne dust we have connected the DS 2520 Class M to two extraction segment arms mounted on a stand holder to intercept the dust airborne all over the room and the operator of breathing it in as daily routine.

  1. Solution De-Dusting of airborne coffee creamer

Customers issue:

After the filling process into the bags every time the operator has to open and close manually the valve of the filling silo after every single bag filling when the operator closed the valve there is still small amount of coffee creamer powder falls down onto the conveyor belt.

Ruwac has the right solution which really works:

So, we have made a hole on the silo and weld a welding end on so that we can connect later our de-dusting hose onto it. Both solution the Extraction and De-Dusting is not working at the same time, during the opening of the valve which means the operator is filling into the bags the extraction with the two segment arms will start working. When the operator has filled up the bag the operator releases the valve button which means closed the silo valve the, de-dusting through the connected welding end will start working. Both application is closing and opening by a pneumatic slide gate valves at each application.


Picture: DS2720 M at Customer filling room


Picture: Segment arm with stand holder for Extraction task


Picture: Hose connection for De-Dusting task


Picture: pneumatic valves for switching between the applications.




Processes we had before it was successful

  1. From Lead to Prospect
  2. First step we have done was the general market research of food products.
  3. Find the right contact person
  4. Asked the lead about issues regarding the dust pollution. Find possible inquiry

(decide lead or prospect)

  1. Sales visit at prospects site.


  1. Customer visit on site problem analyze and demo test.

Customer doesn’t have got any knowledge about industrial vacuum cleaners or dust collectors.

Because of that customer has 2 different issues we had to explain:

  • Different between suction power and airflow.
  • Why the need of a pre-filter system.


  1. Demo-Testing:
  • Sales visit with Demo-Testing
  • Demo-Test machine DS2520 M with a 5.5kW three-phase motor drive to test the airflow with the coffee creamer dust.
  • Extraction with the DS2520 M was successful enough airflow.
  • De-Dusting with the DS2520 M have capture only 50% of the dust which fall down need more suction power.



  1. After Demo Testing:
  • Customer was satisfied with the result of the demo-test.
  • Reduce airborne dust pollution during the filling process to 80% percent.
  • Reduce coffee creamer fall down onto the conveyor to 50% percent.
  • New solution offer with the DS2720 M with a 7.5kW three-phase motor drive


  1. Success:
  • After the demo-test was successful we have offered customer a stronger machine with a 7.5kW instead of the tested 5.5kW mobile vacuum.
  • The order for this project came 3 month later after the Demo-Test date.

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