Handover of the 4 x DS65600 Dust Extractor to Sanalloy Co., Ltd.

Sanalloy is making cemented carbide automotive parts and during operation customer has the issue that the grinding station, cutting station and also CNC machines during their operation process of the cemented carbide parts gets airborne dust all over the production area where it’s not able to work inside. The purpose of this central dust extraction system is to collect the airborne dust for reuse and reduce the dust pollution within the area.

Each DS65600 is connected to total 7 working tables the working tables are CNC machine, grinding stations and cutting machine. Customer has total 26 working tables and each is equipped with 1 suction point some of those also with 2 suction points. The suction points are directly at the dust generated points to De-Dust all the dust into the cyclone for the reuse process.

Sanalloy Co., Ltd. is very satisfied with the suction performance the dust has been eliminated to 80% now the operator can work with more dust protection.

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