Trumpf Ltd., received a NA7-11H wet-separator on 27th February 2018.

Our OEM customer Trumpf Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D laser sintering machines, received a NA7-11H wet-separator on 27th February 2018.

The purpose of this vacuum unit is to generally clean highly explosive aluminium and titanium powders from 3D laser sintering machines, which have a minimum ignition energy of lower than 1mJ.

Trumpf Ltd. says that the NA7-11H is a necessary asset when cleaning their line of 3D laser sintering machines in order to comply with special regulations regarding the handling of titanium powder and other reactive powders.

In this particular order regarding the NA7-11H wet-separator, the end user is Mahidol University whereas the institute will teach the students on how to clean and properly dispose of highly reactive powders such as titanium and aluminium powders.

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