DA1300 Mobile Industrial Vacuum + Pre-Separator/Filter Thai Polyamide Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

The DA1300 Dust-Ex Zone 22 is combined with  a 110L Pre-separator/Filter System whereas 2 operation modes can be switched manually by a ball valve:

  1. Cleaning of PE pellets from Big-Bag unloading station with Pre-Separator
  2. Cleaning of sticky nylon powders from Film Printing line with Pre-Filter

The purpose of the DA1300 Vacuum Unit is to generally clean both areas mentioned above with 1 vacuum unit.

Thai Polyamide Team says that our Ruwac vacuum unit has eliminated electrocutions from cleaning due to our vacuum units’ full conductivity system & increased cleaning efficiency.


To increase cleaning efficiency at PE Pellet Big-Bag discharge station and nylon film printing line.


See more detail in Ruwac Website

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