DS1400M De-centralized Solutions Siam Industrial Minerals Co. Ltd., Thailand 2018

The customer now has a problem with cleaning process around mixing tower due to height and large quantity; the worker has to sweep dust from 3rd and 2nd floor to the ground in order to collect the spillages.

Due to the quantity of Bentonite powders, a very cost-efficient solution was installed to serve two platforms. One DS1400M mobile vacuum with control system combined with a 110L Pre-separator, connected to a short piping system and endcap connection points for the to cover 2nd and 3rd floor of the production tower.
Customer can also use the same unit for cleaning ground floor around the tower.

DS1400M RUWAC mobile industrial vacuum, 3-phase Motor Turbine Drive 400V 50Hz, 2.6m2 Pocket Filter Class M with 110L Pre-Separator Galvanized Steel and remote on/off via Endcap.

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