DS65600 Extractor System PGI Foods International Co.,Ltd., Thailand 2017

The DS64000 Extractor System with a 24m2 Cartridge Filter Class M is connected to 4 Suction Points whereas 2 suction points are operated at the same time. The purpose of this Extractor System is to extract airborne icing sugar powder from their mixer, filling station & sifting station.

PGI Foods International Co.,Ltd. received a DS64000 Zone 22 Extractor System by Khun May (Right), Production Supervisor said that our RUWAC extractor system has decreased the dust cloud within the small production area, which resulted in a healthier more productive working environment.


Animal Feed

Application Category

Extraction of airborne dust

To reduce dust cloud from mixing & filling process.

Product Group

Dust Extractor DS 6


Task To extract icing powders from High Speed Mixer & Bag Filling Process.
Problem Without an extractor system for the mixing & filling process, the operator will operate within a dust cloud & the operation equipment becomes effected due to the icing powders sticky nature.
Solution A DS65600 Extractor System connected to an automatic Pre-coating System has been implemented to extract both the mixing & filling operation.
Technics DS65600 2.2kW Side Channel Blower Drive, 48m2 Cartridge Filter Class M with automatic compressed air filter cleaning mechanism through differential pressure sensor, 20L Automatic Pre-Coating System, Stainless Steel 304 Piping System leading to 4x Custom Suction Hoods
Advantages 1.Worker protection from icing powder dust cloud
2.Reduce down time of production equipment
3.Eliminate clogged AC Ventilation Situation
4.Efficient Pre-coating Feeding System to mix with sticky icing powders to prevent premature clogging of main filter

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