Central dust extraction for seasoning powders Griffith, Thailand 2016

Application Category

Extraction of airborne dust

TaskDust extraction with flexible extraction arms directly at mixer charging stations where fly dust contaminates the area. Installing a certified dust extraction system with high efficient filtration and dust collection capability
ProblemIn the production of seasoning powders any different ingredients are used, all having different properties. A detailed analysis is necessary in order to provide different customizing options to solve the different dust specification challenges
SolutionDS 6 cartridge filter extractor with automatic filter cleaning and control system.
TechnicsDS 6 high efficiency cartridge filter extractor with separate filter compartments for extra long filter service life are installed and different options added for the different operation and suction media requirements. For lines having powders with hydgroscopic property a prefilter system with disposable Vliess filter was added to the system.
Advantages1. The customer reported an 80 % improvement of the air quality in the workroom due to the extremely high efficiency of the DS 6.

2. The filter performance was still at over 80 % after 3000 operating hours. Therefore the air volumes at suction arm are able to be maintained at over 80 % of design value even after 1 year of continuous operation.


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