Which Vacuum Should I Use for Drywall Sanding?

When it comes to indoor construction, drywall sanding is among the messiest jobs. It can create a great deal of fine dust covering your work space, and on top of the obvious nuisance of cleaning it up, there’s also the health hazard these kinds of dusty environments can create for anyone working around the area. Traditional Shop-Vacs have long been the go-to, but are they really the best vacuum for the job? The short answer is no. Due to the nature of the paint on drywalls and the fine dust it creates, your average Shop-Vac’s filtration can experience quick burnout since their filter system clogs easily. Add to that, Shop-Vacs aren’t cut out to trap dust clouds while you’re working.

So which vacuum should you use in your drywall sanding job? Here are some tips to make your job easier and safer than ever…

  • Choose an industrial vacuum that can attach to your vacuum-assist tools such as sanding blocks, bazookas, and more. This will give you the peace of mind that fine dust will be removed directly from the point of source before it even has a chance at escaping into the open air.
  • Filtration matters. With Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration, 99% efficient @ 0.5 Micron captures fine without the hassle of clogs. Their long filter life also reduces expensive filter changes while keeping your vacuum’s performance top notch.
  • Look for an industrial vacuum that’s versatile. You’ll want a vacuum that’s powerful and efficient enough to pull off any point of source extraction, but also one that can be used for general housekeeping to get to hard to reach places when the dust really flies in all directions.
  • To keep workers safe from breathing in harmful materials, use a vacuum with HEPA filtration. This provides air purification so that only clean air is returned into the room while working.

Depending on the frequency you’ll be using the vacuum as well as the size of your dry wall sanding job, intermittent and continuous duty portable vacuums alongside central vacuum systems are capable of providing you with a dust-free solution. What’s important is understanding that handling drywall sanding dust properly is an investment that will keep workers safe, and provide a cost-effective decision in a dust removal remedy in the long run.

If you have any questions about selecting the best industrial vacuum for drywall sanding, Ruwac is always here to help. Contact us today!

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