DS6 2.2 kW with total 5 suction points at Eagle Ottawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


During the process of white leather, after the coating process the white leather has to goes through an oven to dry. But during the baking process when the leather gets dry it has got small loose leather pieces which is not falling off and sticks on to the leather. The small leather pieces will give leather at the finishing process spots on it, which is not acceptable for customers buyer.

RUWAC Solution Offer: Offered DS6 2.2 kW, 20m2 Pocket Filter connect to pre-filter system and then on to a suction table with total 5 suction points.

Processes we had before it was success:

  1. Customer visit on site problem analyze:

Because customer haven’t got any knowledge about Extraction we gave him the knowledge which he needs for this kind of project.

  • Different between suction power and airflow.
  • Piping why each part of the piping suction need other diameter.
  • Why the need of a pre-filter system?
  • Our advantages our knowledge not selling something out of the shelve.
  1. Solution:
  • Why DS6 2.2kW:

Each suction should have the airflow of 450-500m3/h so for total 5 suction points we needed to have a total airflow of 2500m3/h which the DS6 2.2kW has.

  • Why a DS6 with Pocket filter and pre-filter system:

In this case we have chosen the DS6 2.2kW with a Pocket filter because of customers budget was quiet low. So, we had to offer the Pre-filter system too, to look after the filter. Also, the dust amount in this project is very low. Very dry dust and not fine dust.

  1. Demo Testing:
  • After we have offer our solution to customer, customer wanted a Demo Test to see is this the right solution.
  • So, we have built the solution offer for the Demo test. To satisfy customer and show them the prove of our Product that our solution is the right one.
  • The offered Demo Test has been brought by customer.
  • The Demo Test for 2 days has been successful proceed.
  1. After Demo Testing:
  • Customer was satisfied with our solution and knew it works, the spot on the leather has been reduce to a level customer can accept. But now the problem was that customer wanted also a prove for the filter that the airflow stays constant and not that they have to change the filter after 1-2 month of operation.
  • Project Testing for this case we knew that the solution is working and knew if this testing pass and it will customer will buy from us. So, for the Testing we have offered customer the same as the Demo Test but now customer has to pay 10% of the total project price and this 10% will be come a part of the Down payment for the project.

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