RUWAC / PUTZMAUS tube cleaning system for biomass boiler at Thai Asahi, Thailand 2016


Thai Asahi, Thailand has the problem with the old biomass boiler cleaning pole which has consume lots of time and man power for the cleaning process of the boiler. Two men power and one-hole day they have needed to clean the boiler.

The PUTZMAUS boiler cleaning solution integrated with the RUWAC direct suction system makes regular cleaning of any kind of boiler tubes easy, efficient and environmental friendly. All residues are pushed to the front end of the tube by PUTZMAUS and are vacuumed into a pre-separation bin by the powerful RUWAC industrial vacuum.


RUWAC Solution Offer: The RUWAC Putzmaus Boiler cleaner connected onto the RUWAC mobile vacuum WS2320.


Picture: RUWAC Putzmaus & RUWAC WS2320





Process we had before it was successful:

  1. Customer visit on site problem analyze

Customer through that for biomass boiler cleaning are only these 3 ways to clean the boiler.

  1. Water cleaning
  2. Chemical cleaning
  3. Cleaning pole


  1. Solution offer

For the cleaning process of the boiler tube we have offered customer the Putzmaus which needs only one-man power to operate, for each tube the Putzmaus needs only 20sec cleaning time. The RUWAC mobile cleaner is therefore to vacuum the airborne soot which is inside the tubes to protect the operator. But the advantage with the WS2320 M is that this mobile vacuum can be used also for extraction task not only the general floor cleaning.


  1. Demo Test:

Demo-Test with the RUWAC Putzmaus and WS2320 attached with a 110L pre-separator.

We have let customers operator work with our Putzmaus to see how easier it is to work with.



  1. After Demo Test:

Two weeks after the Demo Test we have received the Purchase order for this project.

Because customer has seen the work efficient of the Putzmaus.

Before customer has to use two operators for only to hold the cleaning pole and one-hole day to clean the boiler with it. Now is only one operator needed Ruwac Putzmaus and the mobile vacuum needed to clean the boiler and protect the operator of inhale all of the cancer-causing dust into there lungs.



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