Glass Bead Chamber Vacuum System IWK (Thailand) Ltd, Thailand 2017

IWK (Thailand) Limited have the issue with they material Glass Bead with high specific weight ratio which makes it very heavy. It also can be reused several times in the coating process by manually collecting glass bead material on the ground, production downtime increased as well as physical fatigue for the operator.

Before the RUWAC solution, a large dust collector was implemented in which its task is to extract airborne glass bead powders from the entire chamber; the results were not sufficient and the operator had visibility & breathing issues within the chamber. Moreover, the airborne dust that could be collected was not filtered and discharged outside of the building, which created a hazardous area.

RUWAC Solution Offer:

  • Offered DS1750 Cyclone Vacuum System has been implemented to continuously collect glass bead material from the ground; the ground has been redesigned into a conus shape in which the glass bead material can be vacuumed.
  • Offered DS64000 Extractor System with flexible suction arm has been implemented to extract airborne glass bead powders during coating process; the operator can freely adjust the suction arm according to his operation mode.

The RUWAC vacuum unit demo test at customer site.



Pipe line for suck the glass bead material in production area.


Cyclone with pre-separator installed for separate the glass bead material for reused.

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