Factory acceptance testing witnessed by representatives of Philippine’s largest marshmallow producer “Markenburg”

Marshmallows: they look simply and can be eaten on any occasion.

Though, before it becomes the fluffy delicious candy that we know of, various production processes are involved in which an efficient vacuum solution is needed.

That is how we met Markenburg, the biggest marshmallow producer in the Philippines.

The team at Markenburg were facing several issues at the: 1. production process where corn starch is being coated onto the marshmallow and 2. during the vibratory sifter where excess corn starch is being shaken off.

During these processes, airborne powders are created. In addition to that, not only airborne powder issues need to be solved, but also unpreventable material deposits along the production line created through transportation of corn starch to each process.


Studying the application in detail combined with our Ruwac Know How, we have designed an extraction system which will have its advantages in material recovery, long-lasting filter life expectancy and a constant efficient airflow performance.

The solution is a DS6 extraction system combined with high-speed cyclone specifically designed for the needed airflow performance to minimize airflow loss and optimize separation rate between the 2 units:

The results were astounding!

During our inhouse FAT at Ruwac Asia Ltd. we have extracted 50kg of yellow corn starch powder whereas through the naked eye, a 100% separation rate was achieved.


The 2nd solution for general cleaning along the production line is our DS1400 mobile industrial vacuum cleaner. Similar to the DS6 solution, we have combined the vacuum unit to a pre-separation system whereas the corn starch powders with higher bulk density can be easily disposed in plastic bags with a separation rate of 90% pre-separator / 10% vacuum unit.

The handover and commissioning of this project is planned to be within end of September 2018 where we are able to showcase the finished installation in a separate blog.

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