Leading Pet Food Producer “Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.” visits RUWAC Asia to accept a new F100-TOP central vacuum system.

A production plant for pet food is normally dealing with dust issues on a daily basis; therefore cleaning routines are a necessity to avoid material accumulation which affects the working environment and very often the production process itself.

However it is not easy to access each area due to confined spaces and floor gratings which are not suitable for a mobile vacuum solution.
The solution was to design PCG a central vacuum system which leads to suction points in both bulk tower and feed mill which are exposed to dust issues.
And that brings us to today where PCG, a long term customer of 9 years, visited RUWAC Asia to go through an acceptance test of the F100-TOP central vacuum system.

The purpose of the F100-TOP central vacuum system is to collect pet food ingredient powders from various production areas into one big bag for disposal.

The vacuum system has multiple functions to aid both safety & cleaning convenience to the customer:
1. Double pneumatic discharge valve for continuous discharge
2. Level sensor within silo hopper to avoid overfilling
3. Adjustable Level sensor within big bag to avoid overfilling
4. Vibration Mechanism to eliminate material bridging within silo pre-separator
5. Compressed air filter cleaning through differential pressure sensor to eliminate filter clogging and maintain optimum working point performance
6. Hoerbiger compression valve technology for explosion mitigation in a worst-case scenario
7. Drive unit temperature sensor to eliminate overheating
8. Pressure sensor to avoid operating vacuum system under unintended high pressure
9. Remote start/stop function through wireless radio signal
The handover & commissioning for the F100-TOP vacuum system is planned for end of September 2018 whereas we will showcase in another blog
story our JACOB modular pipeline and also the capabilities of the F100-TOP.

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